Why Join a CSA?

Joining a CSA allows you the opportunity to connect more deeply with the food you eat, the land on which it's grown, and the people who grow it. CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture." Members of a CSA essentially purchase a “share” of the farm before the season starts. This allows the farmer upfront capital to purchase seeds, get crops in the ground and better plan for the season to avoid wasting vegetables. It is a great way to get to know your farmer, know where and how your food is grown all while supporting a small farm!


CSA Benefits to Members:

  • Fresh vegetables at an affordable price, grown using sustainable growing practices
  • A great mix of vegetables that you might not think to purchase
  • Enjoying vegetables that are in season
  • Increased health benefits due to eating more chemical-free veggies
  • Enjoying fresher taste with safe and sustainable growing practices
  • Getting to know your farmers & being able to visit the farm!
  • Information about vegetables and access to creative recipes


CSA Benefits to the Farmer:

  • An income at the beginning of the growing season, when it is most needed
  • Bookwork and marketing is completed BEFORE the growing season to allow the farmer to focus on growing & harvesting your food
  • A set market for vegetables - less waste
  • Members share in the risks and rewards of farming, helping establish the farm's future
  • A great personal relationship with the people enjoying your harvest


CSA Benefits to the Environment and Community:

  • Supporting a local business
  • Less land used for growing vegetables by growing for the CSA
  • The nurturing of a healthy farm ecosystem; soil, water & air along with sustainable growing practices