Meet the Farmers

Staff Members
Jake Stevens (Farmer)

Hey all! 

I am Jake, co-owner of Firestone Farms. We started Firestone Farms in 2015 with 10 pigs and it has grown greatly from there! We raise pigs, cows, bees and chickens from start to finish. We grow many different fruits and veggies along with our hay crop. While I still have an off-farm job, I work on the farm everyday along with my partner, Kyli. My favorite animals to work with are the cows. Everyday is something different and they always keep you on your toes!

Kyli Knickerbocker


I am Kyli, a co-owner of Firestone Farms. I was so happy in 2015 when Jake and I were able to start a farm together. We have grown so much is these last two years. My off-farm job is a Math Teacher at a local high school. While I love my job, I would dare to say farming is as big if not bigger of a passion for me. During my summers off from teaching, I spend every minute working on our farm. My favorite animals to work with are the bees... okay insects but they are amazing! Not only are honey bees extremely intriguing to watch, they are also fascinating to work with. I cannot even begin to pick my next favorite activity on the farm... from baling hay to planting seedlings and watching them mature to helping sows deliver litters of piglets to moving cows to greener pastures, everyday is an adventure!