Our Promise to You

With all the farms out there, why Fire Creek Farms? Why are we so special?

Well first off, we grow and raise the highest quality products for our customers. Not only do we pride ourselves on this but we work everyday to continuously improve our practices. We work to use green, environmentally sustainable growing methods, for example using cover crops, natural fertilizers, beneficial insects and honeybees. When it comes to our livestock, we recycle scratched or bruised produce from our fields and local grocery stores as an added supplement for our pasture raised pork. We also work with local breweries and distilleries to reuse their spent brewer's grain for cattle and pig feed. 

Next, we believe continuous education is an important part in providing the best quality product. We have many trade certifications and continue to expand our knowledge regarding our practices. We are Beef Quality Assurance Certified, Pork Quality Assurance Certified, members of the New York Beef Producers Association, New York Pork Producers Association and NY Farm Bureau. Finally, we are in the process of acquiring our Certified Organic certification for our fresh produce. 

We pride ourselves on superior quality farm fresh products and guarantee a 100% customer satisfaction.

We hope you enjoy,

Jake & Kyli